DLR Designs began in Atlanta, GA in 1999 by the founder and owner, Ms. Randle. She is an independent fashion designer who produces ready to wear lines for women as well as custom garments. The line consists of separate pieces that can be worn together or separate such as pants, skirts, tops and casual dresses. Also, dlr designs creates custom menswear including pant and shirts with casual jackets.

All garments and leather products are made in the United States. Only the finest materials with appealing textures are used to produce clothing for the U.S. based fashion house. DLR Designs produces women's clothing, leather handbags, leather jewelry, leather novelty items and more. Some of the leather earrings and totes are either up cycled or created from remnant pieces of leather.

Photography: Marissa Palma

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  • Tualatin, Oregon, United States

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